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Storm Damage Cleanup

Severe storms can be prevalent in Ashland KY, Ironton OH, Huntington WV, and the surrounding communities throughout the Tri-State. Storm damage is something you can’t plan for in the case of a sudden heavy snowfall, severe lightning storm, or gale force winds. Storms may cause limbs or trees to fall creating a dangerous situation, especially when homes, cars, and other structures are involved. Little's Tree Service offers expert, storm damage cleanup services if you have fallen trees on your property.

Little's Tree Service has been providing emergency tree care services to homes in the Ashland KY, Ironton OH, Huntington WV, and Tri-State area for years. The enormity of the limbs or trees make removing them a dangerous circumstance for homeowners or property owners to remove them themselves. Our professional storm damage cleanup crew guarantees quick response time for emergency tree services due to storms. We facilitate swift removal of fallen limbs, downed trees, and debris to limit the existing damage. We can perform storm damage cleanup safely and efficiently and reduce further danger and damage to your property and everyone around. Whether a tree has fallen on your house causing structural damage or hit power lines on the way down, the professionals at Little's Tree Service can handle even the most complicated and dangerous emergency tree removals. Our goal is to prevent any future harm to your property and home.

With years of experience in providing storm damage cleanup services, Little's Tree Service has the resources, equipment, and expertise to handle any type of emergency tree removal. If a large tree has fallen on your property or is on your home or car, contact Little's Tree Service to have it removed safely. Contact us by calling 304-690-6839 or by Requesting A FREE Estimate today.

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