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Experience Matters

Caring for our environment stems from a deep knowledge of trees. How they work, what keeps them healthy, and knowing when to remove a hazard or unhealthy tree is all part of our training.

With years of experience, Little's Tree Service understands everything related to trees. You can rest assured that all of our tree trimming, tree removal, and tree care experts are knowledgeable, experienced, and professional will all our tree trimming, tree removal, and tree care services. Some of the things that seat up apart from other tree trimming, tree removal, and tree care companies is our pride in our workmanship, our knowledge and expertise, and our ability to complete any size job.

Pride in Workmanship

Every project, starting from the quote and finishing with the site cleanup, is performed with the greatest attention to detail. Our tree trimming, tree removal, and tree care experts takes every project very seriously and prides themselves in providing the best quality job. Little's Tree Service's work ethic and philosophy includes the following:

  • Safety First
  • Know What You are Doing and Do It Right
  • Respect the Customer's Property

  • Price the Job at a Reasonable Rate
  • Stick to the Quoted Price
  • Flexible Schedule to Meet Customer Needs

  • Be on Time
  • Leave the Property Clean

Knowledge & Expertise

Little's Tree Service’s tree trimming, tree removal, and tree care team has years of training in almost every situation of our services. They have had years of experience in the field performing various tree service size jobs. We are the experts.


Little's Tree Service covers the Tri-State area from Barboursville WV to Ironton Ohio and even throughout Huntington West Virginia. From single tree trimming to removing multiple trees from your property, we have the experts to do it all.